F-1 Spirit ( Rc-752 )

Status: 100%
Notes: Completed
Thanks to: BiFi & Popolon

F-1 Spirit Password Generator 0.1

     Stock Race      Brazil      Hungary  
  Rally   San Marino   Austria  
  F3 Race   Belgium   Italy  
  F3000 Race    Monaco
  Endurance   U.S.A.   Spain  
        France   Mexico  
  Version First   Great Britain    Japan  
    W Germany   Australia   

Multiple versions of F-1 Spirit ?

There are two European versions of F-1 spirit available,
look at the right of the racing screen.
It says "MISSION" or "GEAR"

Also there is the rare A-1 Spirit Version, it was released together with
a joystick called "Joy Handle" made by Panasonic.

All these versions have a slight difference in the password system and therefore generate different passwords.